• Is the appraiser independent or is she an employee of the seller?
  • Where did the appraiser receive her appraisal training and what are her professional designations?
  • Does she belong to professional appraisal groups?
  • Will the appraiser provide names of clients whom you can contact for references?
  • Does the appraiser have experience in the type of appraisal she will be writing for you?
  • How does the appraiser keep current in the appraisal field and also in gemology?
  • What information will be included in the insurance appraisal?
  • Does the appraiser have insurance to cover your jewelry while it is in her possession?
  • How much will the insurance appraisal cost and how long will it take?

I’ve had over thirty-five years experience as a graduate gemologist doing insurance appraisals and am here to answer your questions.