A jewelry appraiser will be able to appraise a piece of a jewelry and give you a good idea on what it is worth. An appraiser can appraise items such as diamonds, gemstones, pearls, metals, watches, and just about any other piece of jewelry that can be found in a store. While a jewelry appraiser does not have to be certified, it is important that due diligence is done before one is hired to give an estimate on what they think the jewelry is worth. The cost of an appraisal is going to greatly vary depending on what jewelry is appraised, the reputation of the appraiser, as well as other various factors.

Whether you need an appraisal for jewelry, diamond ring appraisal, or gemstone appraisal, there is a cost associated with having it done. Basically, you should be paying for the appraiser’s time as opposed to a percentage of the items value. On the average, my jewelry appraisals will run between $90.00 and $110.00 per item. Some appraisals will run less, some more. I will always quote you a price before any work begins.

If you don’t know where to go to get jewelry appraised…read your local jewelry appraiser reviews. Also, if your purpose is to sell diamond jewelry, a current jewelry appraisal will help you decide a better selling price.