While the rate of mishandled bags has decreased 61.3% since 2007, lessening your risk of falling victim to lost luggage to less than 1%, the fear of losing your luggage is still real.

Understandable, considering the effect it has on the remainder of your travels.

Now imagine if there had been expensive jewelry packed in any of these bags. It could have been lost, stolen or damaged by the elements.

Keeping Jewelry Safe in the Airport

Take heed and follow these guidelines next time you’re traveling with jewelry:

  1. Never pack your jewelry inside any luggage you plan to check.If your luggage gets mishandled or lost, your jewelry won’t suffer the same fate.
  2. Wear any jewelry that reasonably suits your traveling attire, taking care to not draw unwanted attention with layers of fine jewelry.
  3. Any valuables that cannot be kept on your person should be stored in a carry-on bag.Ensure you choose an appropriately-sized carry-on bag to avoid plane-side check.
  4. Ask the TSA officer to screen you and your valuables in privateto maintain your security. Or, at the very least, hold onto your carry-on until just before you step through the body scanner, and collect it immediately on the other side.

Don’t forget that, for international flights, you must report to Customs the transport of goods valued at $10,000 USD or more.

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