Diamond appraisal and jewelry appraisal are both interesting and challenging. I became a graduate gemologist in 1981 and the technology that has been introduced make the appraisal process certainly faster, but not necessarily easier.  When I started as a jewelry appraiser, I took photographs with a Polaroid camera, cut out the jewelry, and taped it to the appraisal.  Since personal computers were pretty rare, I had to type out the appraisal on a *gulp* typewriter.  It was a lot tougher correcting the many typos.   Clearly, digital photography made that step a lot easier.  I enjoy the challenge of breaking a piece of jewelry down to its component parts and discovering it’s true value. I also enjoy identifying and pricing colored gemstones.

A good rule of thumb in choosing a diamond jewelry appraiser is if you don’t know where to go to get jewelry appraised…read your local jewelry appraiser reviews. If you only choose one item, a diamond ring appraisal would probably be your best choice.  Also, if your purpose is to sell diamond jewelry, a current jewelry appraisal will help you decide a better selling price.