Colorado Gem Labs Fee Schedule

How much does a jewelry appraisal cost?


Appraisal for Insurance Scheduling
Each piece of jewelry is priced per item. The vast majority will range from $90.00 to $150.00 per piece.
More complex items can cost more and you will be quoted a price before works begins.

Estate Appraisals
Estate Tax, Probate, Donation, Liquidation…$150/hr

In Home / Office / Bank
Same price as above plus $30.00 trip charge.

Update an Appraisal
Within 5 years of original appraisal…50% off of current fees

Large Jewelry Collections
Greater than 25 items…Please call for special pricing

Court Appearance & Deposition
Billed in half day increments……………….$650

*Although most items fall within the above pricing structure, please note that some items will require additional analysis and may incur a higher fee. Some examples would be bracelets and necklaces with multiple diamonds of varying shapes and sizes, items that contain more than one diamond over a carat, antique or unusual pieces that require additional market research. Appraisal fees for these items will be quoted prior to accepting the assignment.