My name is Michael Nedler and I’m the appraisal dude. These videos are the most frequently asked questions about jewelry appraisals.

How often should you have your jewelry appraised?

Should a jewelry appraisal be done sooner than every five years?

How does jewelry insurance work?

What is the cost of having a piece of jewelry appraised?

How much time does it take to do a jewelry appraisal?

What qualifications should an expert gemologist jewelry appraiser have?

How long have I been doing jewelry appraisals?

How is jewelry valued when doing an appraisal?

Where do I do your jewelry appraisal?

What are my appraisal credentials and experience?

How did I become a gemologist jewelry appraiser?

How did I get into the jewelry business?

Do you really need an insurance appraisal for your jewelry?

What are the most important gemological instruments that I use for appraisals?

Why you should use an independent jewelry gemologist appraiser?

Should you bring your diamond and jewelry documentation to the appraisal appointment?