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There are a lot of different types of Jewelry appraisals…what do you need?

Since the majority of appraisals done are of the “Insurance Replacement” type, insurance companies expect the completed appraisal to be in a certain form. By doing this, in case of loss, the insurance company can accurately determine the details of...
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How much does jewelry insurance cost?

The cost of jewelry insurance can vary from 1.5% down to 1% of the value of the appraised piece of jewelry or watch.  The higher the deductable the lower the percentage charged per $100.00.  As an example, if you choose...
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Why you need a diamond appraiser.

The services of an independent appraiser are increasingly of importance in today’s complex market environment. As consumers have grown in sophistication and education, diamonds have gotten more costly, and many previously unheard of treatments and ethical issues have arisen, as...
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